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What our customers say about us
"The representative was polite, punctual and very professional. The reports were sent very quickly, my questions were answered patiently and thoroughly. Also this was very good value for money. I will definitely use this company again. Mrs V Gray"

"Greenarch consultants provided my HIPs report very quickly and professionaly at a very competitive price. I would reccomend anyone to use their services. Mr R Wooldridge"

"Very friendly and reliable service. We got our HIP in a few days and a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Mr D Biro"

"Made prompt contact after placement of my order and arranged an appointment the next day. Very efficient and friendly service. I would recommend to anyone. Mr F Brugnoli"

"GreenArch were very good, the service was fast & friendly & at a much more realistic price than other companies. I will, without a doubt recommend GreenArch to friends and family. Mrs A Devine"

"Great service and value - executed quickly and efficiently. Answered all my questions promptly and appropriately. Mr H Cunliffe"

"Great price and a very quick service. Easy to deal with and highly recommended. Mr H Barrie"

Why should you hire the services of GreenArch? or
Why our HIPs cost less than others in the market?

We could so easily come up with a long and complicated answer but the reasons why our products cost so less are really very simple – less overheads and less profit.

Greenarch Home Information Packs: Cost Effective and Reliable

Other HIP providers will have their own arguments to convince you why their HIPs are more expensive but the truth is that GreenArch HIPs are 100% compliant with all government regulations.

  • GreenArch Consultants Ltd. trading as GreenArch Home Information Packs is registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) as a subscriber to the HIP Code that provides protection for homebuyers, sellers, conveyancers and mortgage lenders, who rely on the information included in our HIPs.
  • We only use Search Code compliant companies to compile personal searches for us. This is another industry recognized code for quality standards that is preferred by most solicitors.
  • All energy assessors carrying out EPC work for us are members of government approved accreditation schemes and have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • GreenArch is a VAT registered limited company registered in England & Wales. We adhere to all the requirements of the Companies Act so you can rest assured when dealing with us.
  • GreenArch is run by professionals with extensive experience in the fields of law, finance, energy in buildings and IT.

What is a Home Information Pack?

A Home Information Pack (HIP) or Seller's Pack consists of essential documents which are necessary when homes are purchased and sold.
The mandatory documents in a Home Information Pack are:

  • An index, which consists of the contents of the HIP
  • Sale statement about conditions of sale
  • Title documents as evidence for the home, land etc.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Enquiries about the local authority and drainage system
  • Copy of the lease of the property, if any
  • Complete Information about property that is commonhold.
  • Code certificate about the rating of the house as per Code of Sustainable Homes
  • Nil-rated certificate of non-assessment of newly built homes, if any
    Optional documents:
  • Home Condition Report (HCR), if required
  • Information about additional leasehold, if any
  • Some important information about the area
  • Information about warranty, if any